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Summer at Mary Rose's!

July 22, 2017

Whether you are willing to admit it or not, we are more than halfway into the summer season! I mean it's only 8 more days until August! But it doesn't have to be scary. You can still get your summer retail therapy. And there is no better time to be stopping by the boutique - you can't beat the deals going on!


Scarves : 40% off!

Summer Bags: 25% off!

Gift Packs: 15% off!

Turkish Pillows: Special Price of 2 for $75!

And many other deals in store!

Also, have you heard? WE HAVE ICE CREAM! That's right, everyone's favourite summertime treat is available at the boutique with refreshing flavours using some of our local lavender and essential oils for a twist you probably haven't tried!

You won't want to miss it while summer is still in full swing! Be sure to stop by Mary Rose's soon!